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'I am the same person in public as I am in private...' Cuomo responds to AG' s report

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo is up for re-election in 2022 (Photo: Office of Gov. Andrew Cuomo).

Governor Andrew Cuomo held a press conference in response to the Attorney General's report findings of the governor sexually harassed multiple women.

Earlier Tuesday, New York Attorney General Letitia James announced her findings of the sexual harassment investigation against Cuomo.

James said, “The independent investigation has concluded that Governor Andrew Cuomo sexually harassed multiple women and in doing so violated federal and state law.”

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In a recorded statement, Cuomo says that he called for independent review and that he wanted the process to unfold.

In that statement, Cuomo stated that now that he has cooperated and that the review is out, he has released a response to the multiple allegations, calling for those to look at what he is calling the facts.

Cuomo has continually denied making sexual advances or touching others inappropriately over the course of the investigation. He repeated that statement in his statement.

"I am 63-years-old, I have lived my entire adult life in public view. That is not just who I am..." Cuomo stated.

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Cuomo then spoke of Charlotte Bennet, who worked as an assistant, claiming she identified herself to him as a victim of sexual assault.

He says that Bennet’s story resonated with him, saying that one of his own family members is a victim of sexual assault.

Cuomo then stated that he was wrong, saying he understands the claims against him. However, he says that she and her attorney inferred motives that he never had, and heard things that he claims to have never said.

He did apologize for what he says that bringing his “personal experience” into the workplace.

With the allegation of groping at the Executive mansion, Cuomo maintains that the incident never happened, but he was limited to discuss the details surrounding the accusation.

Cuomo then showed off a slideshow in the video statement of times he kissed people on the forehead or the cheek, saying it was meant to convey warmth, and nothing more.

Stressing that he does that with everyone, regardless of who they are, according to the Governor.

“I am the same person in public, as I am in private...” He remarks in a statement.

According to his statement, the Governor is bringing in an expert to retrain the entire team, himself included, on preventing sexual harassment, saying he wants NY State Government to be a model of office behavior.