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Lawmakers & advocates now want answers on Cuomo's nursing home investigation

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Nursing home advocates, say the sexual harassment investigation is important, but they're also anxious for the truth about COVID death data. (WRGB)

While all eyes are focused on Governor Cuomo’s sexual assault investigation, lawmakers and advocates are wondering about the other ongoing investigations - including the nursing home investigation that’s diving into the state's handling of COVID-19 nursing home deaths.

The Department of Justice dropped the civil investigation into civil rights violations at state-run nursing homes. But the US Attorney's Office and the FBI both still have ongoing criminal investigations.

Lawmakers and state residents say Governor Cuomo's sexual harassment investigation is just one piece of the puzzle.

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“This was one investigation, there's a whole separate series of issues around the nursing home scandal, whether the facts in all those deaths in the nursing homes due to COVID was covered up.” New York City Mayor Bill De Blasio said. “This guy is past the point of no-return, he can't govern, he just has to go.”

“We are finally having some sense of justice for the women, but there are 15,000+ families who would also like some truth and justice for their loved ones, who they lost in the nursing homes due to the states failed policies.” Assemblyman Ron Kim said.

Nursing home advocates, say the sexual harassment investigation is important, but they're also anxious for the truth about COVID death data.

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“I don’t want people to lose sight of the other part of this story that's still going on - the 15,000+ residents that died during COVID because he sent them back to nursing homes.” Carol D’Elisiis, a nursing home advocate, said.

Advocates say nursing home residents continue to be neglected, and the staffing crisis is having a major impact.

Marcella Goheen recently testified at a State Senate Health Care committee hearing. She fears the state is not prioritizing the vulnerable population.

“We need to reset ourselves, and before we address people's sexual preferences and behaviors, perhaps we can work together to save some lives - lives that can be saved, when they weren't able to be saved early in the pandemic.” Marcella Goheen said.

And they want to make sure nursing home residents get the care they deserve and need.

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“The lack of care, the lack of respect going on in these nursing homes, is criminal!” D’Elisiis said “It can't be forgotten about, it can not be forgotten about.”

CBS6 reached out to the US Attorney's Office and the FBI to ask for an update on the investigations. The FBI responded saying they are unable to comment.